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04 November 2012

The Irons - in 12inches

These are some of my Maiden's madness compiled in 12 inch format. Total number of LPs were 23 including studios, singles, lives and compilations. 

From right to left - Ten first ten years box set, No prayer for the dying (alternate cover picture disc), Fear of the dark (single in 12inch shape disc), Iron Maiden (Japan), Killers (japan with poster), & Piece of Mind (gatefold).

From right to left - Number of the beast, powerslave, Somewhere in time, Seventh son of the seventh son, & No prayer for the dying.

From right to left - Fear of the dark (gatefold double LP), Brave new world (gatefold double LP), Live after death (gatefold double LP with 10 page inner booklet), & A real live one (Gatefold).

From right to left - A real dead one (Gatefold), From here to eternity (Single poster cover), Live + One (Japan), & The evil that man do ((Single poster cover).

From right to left -Rock in Rio (Triple LP Gatefold picture disc), Be quick or be dead (single gatefold), Holy Smoke (single with poster) & Bring your daughter to the slaughter ((single with poster).


deaf said...

Very very very nice hehe

record12inci said...

Thanks...still consider as a small timer collection.